Here + There Custom Map Wallpaper!

Setting up a new business is always challenging, but setting up a business within a brand new housing development area is even more so.

It was important for our client, Hobsonville Point Dental, to create a brand identity and provide something visually striking to help build the brand with their customers in the clinic environment. So they chose a Here + There Map Wallpaper to create this, choosing the Auckland Harbour West map region so the clinic could be identified on it and reflect the area they service.

To further build their brand identity they briefed us to create a bespoke design, using their brand colour pallet. Including the use of their logo on the wallpaper, both as a map marker to show their location on the map and signage underneath the map.

The result is not only a unique statement piece for customers entering their reception, but it’s created a talking point for people searching out their home on the map.

Check out our client Hobsonville Dental here:

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